Recycle Your Fashions was born out of a need to stretch the fashionable dollar an extra hundred miles. Not just in today's economy, but in every economy, consumers are looking for ways to get more for their money and to find ways to easily recycle clothing, shoes and accessories to make room for newer, fresher pieces for their ever evolving wardrobes. Online consignment is the answer to everyone's prayers, and Recycle Your Fashions does it best.

Since its inception in 2008, Recycle Your Fashions has been a household name all across the globe - inspiring women and men to shop for designer clothing that is new to them but expired from others collections, and to create a new wardrobe of affordable designer wear for themselves. At the same time, these same consumers are putting their own savvy shopping methods in full recycle mode by sending in all of their unused and unwanted pieces from their own closets to be sold off on consignment and turned into cash, which in turn creates the ability to shop again and again, within budget and without remorse.

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